elemvisuals logo ElemVisuals
Owner / Contractor
Denver, CO

These days find me working for myself creating and developing websites and other multimedia projects. I handle a variety of jobs related to print or interactive, web design, CD and DVD authoring, video and audio editing. Being involved in every aspect of a production from concept to completion is a satisfying feeling of accomplishment. Currently, I am responsible for design, layout, functionality and overall development of most projects. Artwork, video editing, audio, and authoring of interactivity are all parts I encompass during the production phase and day-to-day activity.

virtual magic logoVirtual Magic, Inc./BiCoastal Hills, Inc.
Web Developer
Atlanta, Georgia

At Virtual Magic, I was primarily focused on website development and maintenance as well as animation and multimedia creation for a software development company. The majority of projects consisted of web development and all aspects involved in launching the final product. I utilized my expertise in HTML and CSS coding along with graphics optimization and issues involved in web production. My responsibilities included a content management system for a large corporation's retail marketing division with updating and daily posting to their internal website database. In addition, I led video and audio production pertaining to multimedia development.

dat logoDigital Advertising Technologies
Multimedia Director
Atlanta, Georgia

To assist in the establishment of an entrepreneurial venture at a tech start-up, I created motion advertising for digital billboards consisting of 15-30 seconds of product promotions and demos. I handled all multimedia and graphic related duties as well as assisting in the technical aspect of billboard programming and communications. For the company’s website, I was the designer, developer and webmaster.

cgs logoCGS Advertising Group, Inc.
Multimedia Art Director
Orlando, Florida

Along with the project management aspect of multimedia production, I was also directly responsible for all design, creation and development of interactive CD-ROMs. Between projects, I controlled all administrative aspects of being the Art Director including issues concerning software licensing, researching new vendors and maintaining relationships with existing ones.

infosource logoInfoSource, Inc.
Multimedia Specialist
Orlando, Florida

My responsibilities focused mainly on conceptual design for multimedia CD and web-based training products. This process consisted of creating artistic concepts and optimizing for web delivery, while programming and animating elements within the design. I assisted in the development and enhancement of video production for CD-ROM. Frequently I recorded and posted audio for voice-overs used in the training products. Streamlining previous procedures, I outlined and implemented new procedures for concept screen development. Also I initiated and maintained the process for the creation of a new graphics library.

selectgraphics logoSelectGraphics, Inc.
Digital Prepress Manager
Los Angeles, California

While at SelectGraphics, I performed various functions of prepress production including 4-color scanning. My duties involved intensive color correction, photo manipulation and digital retouching. As I assisted in design layout, I was also responsible in the quality control inspection of final film and proofs. Directly involved in systemizing existing procedures in the imaging department, I established new methods for increased productivity shortly after starting my employment at SelectGraphics. I trained new graphic artists and supervised a staff of 3 to 5 people in the prepress, imaging and proofing departments.

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